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Three exciting things

Three Exciting things

ITS CAMPING TIME AGAIN……FRIDAY 13 July….7pm till next morning

The Great Little Learners camp out will take place this Friday (13th July) in the garden. For those who don’t know we pitch tents and generally mooch around in the garden until it’s time to watch our giant outdoor screen.

 As we have AstroTurf down now we need to use either blow up tents or weights instead of pegs. The weather should be great so no need to tie down the tents too much. We also have two huge tepees if anyone wants to share. We intend to pitch tents in the dance studio as well. There is also a giant blow up mattress that would sleep 20 in a row like sardines (a sleeping bag is all you need for the air mattress). It’s all very silly and great fun!

If you intend coming, please email because we need to organise spaces. 


We want to create a magical home for the Drumcondra fairies in the dome in the garden. Our camp children have been painting and designing houses, but we need help. We are calling all crafty types to come with or without your children to a fairy house building day. Bring any nature, crafty, glue guns, paint, useful stuff you have. If you want to frighten yourself as to standards look up fairy gardens on Pinterest but the Drumcondra fairies have assured me that they are not as fussy. Time from 11am to 3pm…we may have to do it a few more times over the Summer to finish the project.

SUNDAY SHOUK: Sunday 15th July 1pm to 5pm

Shouk, the home of delicious falafels and ourselves are coming together to create a community event. On Sunday and if it’s a success other Sundays you can bring your family for a meal and a relaxing chat while Little Learners entertain the children in the garden. The aim of the day is for parents to get a chance to relax and chat over good food while the children play. There will be a variety of food available, bring your own drink, and live music. We hope that this will become a weekly event and that a vibrant market/session will grow out of it.

Terms and Conditions: A family is two adults and two children, food supplied, bring your own bottle, we have teas/coffees. Time is 1 to 5pm. Cost €55 per family. Please pay Shouk. Please book with

That the news for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and a quick note of thanks to all our camp leaders who are really working hard to make sure the children are having a good time.

Little Learners came to Drumcondra in 2011 and quickly established a firm footing in the area. Our award winning "Stay and Play" After-School Club delivers a unique and innovative programme for our beloved after-schoolers who benefit form a warm, friendly and fun environment.

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